F.A.Q s

Will I meet you before you collect my dog for the first time?

Yes of course. I will come over to your home and get to know you all. There will be a few forms to fill in. Please feel free to ask me questions. The most important thing is that you feel completely comfortable with me walking your dog.


Does my dog need to be vaccinated?

Yes please. Your dog will be in contact with other dogs that they meet whilst out on walks.


For general wellbeing, it is important that your dog should always have its annual vaccinations to protect it against infections and disease.


Does my dog need to be wormed and treated for flea prevention?

Yes, for the same reasons that vaccinations are necessary. Your dog will be in contact with other dogs that they meet whilst out on walks, which means that flea treatment is particularly important.


It is your responsibility to ensure your pet is free of fleas.


How many dogs are walked at any one time?

I walk a maximum of 4 dogs at a time (and sometimes my own dog off his lead - he will do his own thing and not bother the other dogs).


Do I need to be at home for you to collect my dog?

No. Most customers take advantage of my free 'key holding service'(see below), which means that I can collect and drop off your dog when you are out.


If you do not wish to take advantage of the service, I will need to arrange for someone to give me access to your dog when I arrive to walk them.


Do you walk dogs off the lead?

Generally dogs are walked on leads. If you want your dog walking off the lead then I'd ask you to fill a written consent form at our initial meeting - and then I'll only let your dog off the lead if I'm happy that it is safe to do so.


What happens in bad weather?

We will get wet! I will clean up and towel dry off your dog as much as possible on return.

Note that walks may be slightly shorter in wet weather to allow time to dry each dog.


You are collecting and walking my dog while I am out at work.

What security measures do you have?

Your key will be kept securely, and away from personal information. Keys cannot be identified to any property.


What is the 'Key Holding Service'?

If you are not home during the day and are booking a regular service with me, then please consider my complimentary key-holding service.I can retain a set of keys which enables me to have access to your pets whenever a service is requested.


The benefit to the key-holding service is that if you are running late or have an emergency, you can call me and I can visit your pets to check on them for you. If you misplace or lose your own keys, just call and I be there as soon as possible. (or you can pick your keys up from me).


I store keys in a secure place. I am fully insured and include key holding insurance in my business policy so any loss of keys or replacement locks are covered. Keys are labelled with a unique identifier which does not connect them to your personal information.


What do you do in case of emergency?

I will first call you to discuss the situation and agree a plan of action. If you cannot be reached and your dog requires urgent medical attention, I will take your dog to the vet designated by you, or the nearest to my current location.

Please note that it is your responsibility to settle or reimburse charges for any treatment or veterinary care when I return your dog.